What we do

We're funding revolutionary research.

30% of babies born with CHD are forced to undergo open-heart surgery.  But at AGHF, we’re funding efforts by some of the world’s top pediatric specialists to develop a first-of-its-kind dissolvable stent designed especially for children.  So no child will have to go through open-heart surgery again.  And with enough funding, this stent could be only two years away.

We're supporting kids with CHD and their families.

Kids with heart problems often don’t get to experience all the unworried, unabashed joy of running, jumping, playing and learning that most kids do.  They sometimes have to endure multiple surgeries – which is traumatic on so many levels.  And many of them face physical and development limitations.  And it takes a toll.  On them.  And their families.  That’s why we fund specialized whole-child-wellness programs to help make sure kids don’t just survive their childhood, but have the support they need to thrive in it.

Each year 1 in 100 babies is born with Congenital Heart Disease

30% will require invasive surgery. Your donation today will help make it possible to end the need for open heart surgery in children.